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Bob Garner is a motivational keynote speaker who will WOW your audience!

Bob Garner is a funny keynote speaker, with one major difference between himself and others in the industry.

Bob Garner actually says something during his presentations.

More than "fluff" and feel good, humorous motivational keynote speaker Bob Garner delivers real information and usable ideas. That's why Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard asked Bob to create a book with them called "Blueprint for Success - Proven Strategies for Success and Survival." Plus, Bob includes amazing entertainment for just the right amount of fun. Additionally, each presentation is customized to meet your needs.

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Featured in the Wall Street Journal and other prestigious publications, motivational keynote speaker Bob Garner is respected by his clients and the media as an expert on professional and personal development. Bob Garner is the best-selling author of books and motivational CDs that have inspired thousands. In addition to appearing on a variety of radio and television talk shows around the world, Bob has also authored numerous articles on management, sales, motivation, and “the unknown power of the mind” for a variety of magazines, trade journals, websites, and ezines.

His knowledge, research, and background as a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, allows funny speaker and magician motivational speaker Bob Garner to provide content that means something to your audience. Your audience walks away not only being entertained, but also with information that they can immediately apply to their professional and personal lives.

On top of that, Bob uses his skills as an uncanny mentalistmindreader and outstanding magician , as well as clean humor and audience participation to reinforce specific points of his customized presentation. The result is an entertaining program that provides solid information that your audience can immediately put-to-use, in one customized package. 

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Bob Garner

Bob Garner is a funny motivational speaker who knows how to
blend content
with entertainment.
He is funny and amazing!  



Funny speaker and mentalist motivational speaker Bob Garner has been acknowledged by the Academy of Arts and Science in Hollywood, CA as one of the best comedy magicians and mind readers in the world. In the past, Bob has headlined at countless comedy clubs, over 800 colleges, on cruise ships (72 times), and at resort hotels and casinos, worldwide.

In his presentation, Bob uses these entertaining talents and skills, as well as plenty of polite audience participation, to emphasize and reinforce specific points of his presentation. You see, 
funny motivational speaker  and keynote motivational speaker Bob Garner not only captures and amazes the minds of his audience, but also tickles their funny bones - all at the same time. That's why he is considered to be one of the best humorous motivational keynote speakers in the business. He is humorous - actually very funny - and motivational with a keynote that will WOW your group.

As you read above, Bob provides real content. He customizes his presentations to meet your needs and creates a program that targets your objectives. Motivational keynote speakers need to be motivating and provide information. That also need to be entertaining or moving. Through Bob's entertaining skills, which include storytelling, along with fun demonstrations of mind reading, magic and comedy, Bob engages the audience on many levels.

You decide how much content and how much entertainment. After all, your the client and you know your audience. Bob will work with you to craft a presentation that is inspiring and fun. Many motivational keynote speakers just do the same presentation as all events or charge you extra to customize. That's not the case with Bob. He wants to help you hit a  "home run" with your group.


As mentioned, it's rare to find a humorous motivational keynote speaker who has is funny and empowering. Bob's rare ability to deliver content and be entertaining is also one of the reasons that he is one of the most highly requested funny master of ceremonies in the business. As a funny emcee - or funny mc - Bob knows how to keep the energy high and your awards event or meeting exciting and fun.

Check out the two videos below on Bob' services as a funny emcee and the presenter with the "WOW" Factor.

Funny Emcee and Master of Ceremonies

The WOW Factor

Bob that's not all that Bob can provide. Many of his clients also use him when they want to create a huge "BUZZ" at a trade show.

As a
trade show presenter, Bob is more than just a talking head. He is a a trade show magician - actually a trade show mentalist.

Whatever you want to call him, Bob drives crowds to your booth and delivers your message, and, increases your ROI.

Take a look at Bob's 
trade show magician video to your right!

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